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The Forward Tipping Dumper Course

The forward tipping dumper course is designed for the operator who requires theoretical and practical instruction at basic level, in operating a dumper in a construction environment. It is also applicable to those experienced operators who require refresher training.

Categories | Wheeled, Articulated or Rear Tipping

• Light – up to 3.5 tonnes
• Medium – up to 7.5 tonnes
• Heavy – over 7.5 tonnes


The duration of the course is between 1 – 2 days dependent on experience with a maximum training ratio of 4 students to 1 instructor.


Can be carried out at our training venue at South View Farm or at an employer’s premises. (Subject to the type and capacity of equipment).


At the end of the course students will undergo a formal written test on all theoretical subjects covered and a practical assessment on their basic skills.


There are several available.


On application.